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My Story

My story begins while I was joining the 1-month Quran Intensive class with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan in Malaysia. The class has changed my perception towards the Quran like never before.

Prior to the class, I took Minor in Arabic language during my Undergraduate studies in United States. However, when I read a book and saw the author quoted some verses from the Quran, I just skipped the verses and continued reading anything written by the author himself. Little did I realized on that time that words from the Creator (God) is more powerful than words from the Creation (human). Just like the difference between the sun (created by God) and the lamp (created by Human).

We don’t need a lamp at all in the day, as the sun is powerful enough to lights up the whole part of the earth that faces the sun. But at night, we need even hundreds or thousands of lamps to brighten up the whole stadium. The sun created by God and the lamp created by human is incomparable.

Besides that, I have been listening to Islamic lectures from Nouman Ali Khan and Hamza Yusuf since 2011 –while commuting to or from work (by train or car), while travelling, while jogging, etc. Sometimes I listened to the same lectures again and again, and learned different things each time.

However, prior to this new habit of listening to lectures, there was one time I attended Islamic conference to accompany my friend. I went there not because I wanted to. I just wanted to travel. My heart was not interested with all those complicated lectures, and I have no inclination towards improving my knowledge. So, I fell asleep during the whole lecture. #truestory

Fast forward to 2014, I studied Islamic Medicine from one of the greatest scholars in my country, Ustadh Haron Din. Islamic Medicine is a field in which we use verses from the Quran and supplications from the Hadith, plus herbs to heal diseases in addition to getting the treatment from the doctors. The diseases are not limited to physical diseases, but it also heals spiritual diseases such as anger, sadness etc.

With this little experiences and knowledge that I have, I would love to share it with you.




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