Knowing by Mind vs Knowing by Heart


A kid once asked what I thought was an incredibly mind-provoking question: “All the Messengers got ‘cool stuffs’, they got a cane turning into a snake, a dead guy coming back to life, an ocean that completely opens up, and all Prophet Muhammad got is a book”?

The Quran itself Is the cool stuff. The miracle is in His own choice of words. For each verse Allah chose specific words with deliberate grammatical rules to bring out a certain message. One of the many miracles of the Quran is that, sometimes its messages can’t be conveyed in totality through the work of translation.

That is why the Arab companion advised his Arab companions: “Teach your children Arabic, like you teach them to memorize the Quran.”

I was almost in tears when Ustadh briefly went through the grammar of Surah al-Fatihah. On that day, it was as if my heart admitted that the Quran is not a book written by a human being, but it is a book written by the Creator.

And it is worth noting that ‘knowing by mind’ vs ‘knowing by heart’ are 2 very different things.

p/s: A month well spent with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, learning the Quranic Arabic Grammar (Nahu) and Word Morphology (Sarf).



Nouman Ali Khan – Why and How to Learn Arabic for Comprehension of the Quran


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