Healing with The Medicine of the Quran – The Introduction


A friend of mine shared an info on a chat group about how to cure ‘Hemorrhoids’ (buasir). He suggested to us to get the herbs from Darussyifa, and avoid the chemical medicines from the hospital. Someone that he knew have tried many times to get the best treatment from the hospital, but the treatment and the chemical medicines have both failed miserably. When this person received treatment using Islamic Medicine, he got cured right away.

Few days after receiving the message, I came back home at night with the television turned on. It was Friday night. There was a program on TV where they invited a doctor, and a practitioner from the Islamic Medicine field, Darussyifa. I didn’t really pay attention to the program, up until when I heard a live call from the audience. All of a sudden I paid attention to the caller, and the answers given by the 2 guest speakers.

The question was about the son of the caller. Her son was sick and when they went to the hospital, the doctor was unable to detect his sickness. She then turned to the Islamic Medicine, where her son was immediately cured.

I was struck by the comment given by the doctor. He said, the one who gives cure is Allah. Allah is the one who decides whether the sickness will be cure or not, how, where and when. If Allah permits the patient to be cured in the hospital, then that patient will be cured after the treatment at the hospital. But if Allah permits that patient will be cured at Darussyifa, then that patient will get cured after meeting the practitioner at Darussyifa, who uses verses from the Quran and/or supplications from the Hadith as the treatment, or after eating herbs bought from Darussyifa (or the practitioner will ask the patient to find the specific herbs). What impressed me the most is the answer was first came out from the doctor, which was then agreed by the practitioner as well.

The next day, Saturday afternoon, my mom and I went to a wedding. We were invited by my mom’s friend, who is among the first women who learned Islamic Medicine from Darussyifa. During that wedding, I saw the practitioner who was invited to the TV program the night before, talking to his friends (other practitioners from Darussyifa), whom I have seen couple of times before. Because I myself was a student of Darussyifa inthe year 2014.

I took this as a sign that I should share about the information that I have heard the night before, plus what I have learned at Darussyifa.

Back to the info shared by my friend on the chat group, I then decided to reply.

Some doctors were angry. They said, they have studied Medicine for years, but yet some people refuse to get the treatment at the hospital and to take the chemical medicine.

Here’s my comment. The treatment used in Islamic Medicine is using verses from the Quran and supplications from the Hadith, plus herbs. The doctors have to understand, the herbs are created from the Creator (God) and the chemical medicine are created by the creation (Human Being).

Let’s take a look at a lamp. The lamp is created by Creation (Human Being), and the sun is created by Creator (God). The lamp was designed to imitate the function of the sun, created by Creator. Can we compare the lamp to the sun? In the morning, we turn all the lights off as the light from the sun is enough to light up the whole house.  However, at night, how many lamp do we need to turn on to light up the whole house?

The same goes to the chemical medicine vs herbs. The herbs are directly taken from the earth. From the land. From the tilled soil. It is not comparable to the chemical medicine. It directly comes from the Creator. The chemical medicine is created by human being, whom knowledge was given by God.

Besides herbs, the main treatment in Islamic Medicine is using verses from the Quran, words by Allah. He, Himself and supplications from Hadith. The supplications from the Hadiths were taught by Rasulullah, in which it had been used during his times to cure sickness. It has been proven many times over that the Islamic Medicine had been effective in the past. It’d be a loss if we were not to continue its practices.

“Imam al-Ghazali explained the vastness of Allah’s knowledge compared to human being’s knowledge by comparing it with someone who had dipped his finger in the vast ocean, and the droplets of water at the tips of his finger are the amount of knowledge a human being has, while the vast ocean equates to the knowledge of Allah.”

Whatever it is, remember, it is Allah that decides how, where and when a patient will get cured. If Allah decided a patient will be cured by eating the chemical medicines, then it is. And vice versa.

And our dearest teacher, Ustadh Haron Din emphasized that Islamic Medicine treatment is complementary to the Modern Medical Hospital. It is not an alternative. Which means, we take both advices from the doctor at the hospital, and the practitioner at Islamic Medicine field who uses al-Quran and Hadith, plus the herbs as the source of healing.


And Allah said in the Quran, Al-Isra’ [17:82]:

Al-Isra’ [17: 82] - Healing with The Medicine of the Quran – The Introduction - The Rhazes

“And We’ve sent down from within this Quran what is healing and loving mercy for believers…”





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