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  • Focus Mastery: The Essentials
  • Finding Purpose in Life
  • Finding Focus in Prayer
  • Healing with The Medicine of the Quran – The Introduction

Focus Mastery: The Essentials


We want to do something different, but we haven’t start. It’s been a while since we keep thinking on doing that thing.

Maybe we want to learn new thing. Or new skill. Or new language. Or finish reading that 1 particular book. Or finish writing something.

But we don’t have time to ‘create‘. We’re constantly being busy with ‘consuming‘ something on the net, a.k.a scrolling on social media. The truth hurts, but that’s the reality. #truestory

Take 10 minutes. For example, if we can spare some time to read some part of a book in 10 minutes, imagine how many days will we take to finish that 1 book?

The keyword is, “laser focus”. No internet connection, no mobile phone, and no TV for that 10 minutes. Find more other tips on this eBook.

Finding Purpose in Life

“Finding Purpose in Life Based on Surah al-Waqi’ah” is one of the essays from this eBook.

Prior to that essay, we are introduced to an essay called “Clarity of Thought”, in which we will learn what prevents us from knowing our own life purpose.

When we log in to Facebook, we see all our friends have succeeded doing what they love, or what they have intended to do since their early years. And we ask ourselves, “When am I going to be successful like those people?”

Apart from Finding Purpose in Life, this eBook also contain a collection of other thought-provoking- essays. Each essay will make you think and soon you will realize; there is one place to find all the questions you’ve been looking for in life.

It has 3 categories: The Miraculous Muse, Healing for The Heart, and Return to Wisdom.

Finding Focus in Prayer

We live in a daily chaos of an unstoppable stream of information flooded into our thoughts. Isn’t it nice if our brain can rest while praying? They said, in the remembrance of god does heart find rest.

During a focused or khushoo’ prayer, the Parietal Lobe where most brain activities functioned, becomes less active. It is now designed to only focus on a single activity; hence setting aside thoughts of a lost key that we were looking for before the prayer, or the next activity we will be planning to do.

However, when a brain thinks highly of the worldly activities during a prayer, it shows that the Parietal Lobe is still active.

The question is, how do we keep the Parietal Lobe less active during a prayer in order to get khushoo’?

Finding focus in Prayer shares a breathing technique to improve focus in prayer, plus another 8 rarely-discussed-tips on improving focus in prayer.

Healing with The Medicine of the Quran - The Introduction

We are currently working on crafting the content of this book. This book is related to something that we do everyday, unfortunately not everyone take it as a blessing.

In the pursuit of looking for something more substantial than heartless action, this book will help us to pour our heart out in doing this daily activity.

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