The Rhazes : Healing of The Heart

20 Weekend Reads: Patience & Wearing White
19 Weekend Reads: The Tounge & The Poets
14 u-turn & the best time to recite the Quran
7 How can the mirror of the heart shine if material images cover it?
1 The Relation Between Focus in Prayer and Reading Quran with Reflection
12 Fair Trade Commerce for a Better Future
12 Explanation on Surah Al-Baqarah [2:188] – Part 1
12 The Basic in Finding Rizq
12 Parenting Lesson – That No One Has Ever Told You
12 Finding Focus in Prayer
12 Finding Life Purpose Based on Surah al-Waqi’ah
12 Clarity of Thought – The Fundamental in Finding Purpose of Life
12 ‘I am Better Than Him’
12 “I Don’t Like That Person”
12 Healing from Sadness
12 The Prophet’s Guidance on Sleep, Physical Activity, Drink and Food
12 In What Condition Does Evil Strike – How to Protect Oneself from it
12 Data Medicine – How the Quran Heals Us
12 Healing with The Medicine of the Quran – The Introduction
12 Do We Remember God While We Pray?
12 The Connection Between Heart & Brain and its Effects in our Prayer
12 Return to Wisdom
12 What did you learn from Surah Yusuf?
12 Translating the Miracle
12 Creator (God) vs Creation (Human Being)
12 Knowing by Mind vs Knowing by Heart